March 14 Austin: St Patrick’s Day Blind Draw (2020-03-14)

2020 TEXAS VOLLEYBALL TOUR: St Patrick’s Day Blind Draw 4s

Wooly’s Beach
514 E St Elmo Rd
Austin, TX 78745

It is our goal to provide a fun, relaxing, and clean atmosphere for everyone that visits Wooly’s Beach. We have a few rules that we hope are not too hard to follow: Click here to see all Facility Rules


1. Smoking &  vaping on the sand or within 15 feet of courts
2. Tobacco products on the sand or in the patio area
3. Food or drinks on the sand (only water allowed)
2. Glass containers
3. Hanging or pulling on nets
4. Adjusting nets (nets can be adjusted by staff)
5. Unsupervised kids
6. Digging in the sand
7. Kicking balls against the fence
8. Dogs in the sand
9. Firearms or weapons
10. Rude or demeaning behavior to staff or other visitors  


9:00-9:30 Athlete Check-In

9:45 Games Begin

2:00pm Pool play should be coming to an end and playoffs will begin

4:00pm Finals 


- Pool Play
- Top 3 teams advance to playoff


Teams will start with pool play and games will be 1 to 21 with no cap. Top 3 teams will advance to playoffs.  Playoffs will be 1 game to 21 and single elimination.    

We provide ice water and you are welcome to bring in ice chests with your own food & drinks.

There are several places to get food and drinks at The Yard, which are just steps away:

The Spokesman serves beer, wine, coffee, muffins & sandwiches. 

The food truck SourSop serves hamburgers and a mixture of other goodies and is located at St Elmo Brewing.

The Austin WinerySt Elmo Brewing & Still Austin Whiskey are just steps away and you can get drinks to go at The Austin Winery & St Elmo Brewing!

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Blind Draw 4s (10 Teams)



1stAndrew Baker
2ndJessica May
3rdEdward Krupski
3rdHenry Bills
5thJim Duley
5thTom Jaroch
5thAudrey Biggs
5thCynthia Houchin

Did not make playoffs

Christian Harbour, Marissa Wagner